March 14, 2012

More Trade Rumors

UPDATE: As I finished writing, now Beasley/Crawford/Lakers buzz is flying...I can't keep up anymore.

Over at Canis Hoopus, they referenced a couple more recent trade rumors that are being talked about this afternoon.  One would involve a Michael Beasley/Jason Richardson swap with Orlando, and the other involving CJ Miles from Utah.  One of the options involving CJ Miles is a three team deal where the Wolves would give up Ellington and possible draft picks, and receive Miles and Jamaal Tinsley in return.

Wait a second - Jamaal Tinsley is still in the league?  Apparantly Tinsley has played 15 games for the Jazz so far this season.  He is averaging 8.1 minutes per game, 1.7 points, and 2.3 assists while shooting a whopping 32.3% from the field.  I'm assuming Tinsley is making next to nothing in Utah this season, so I'm not exactly sure why the Wolves would even take him as part of the deal, other than having another veteran presence on the squad - he is 33 years old and has 9 years of NBA experience.

Miles has played in all 41 Jazz games this year coming off the bench.  In just under 19 minutes per game, he's averaging 9.4 points, 2 rebounds, 1.1 assists, and is shooting 38.2% - 30% on 3's.  He is a bigger guard at 6'6", 210, however his defensive numbers wouldn't suggest that he is a force on the defensive end even with his size (108 DRtg, 0.7 steals, 0.3 blocks, 2.0 rebounds).  CJ Miles doesn't really excite me that much, even if the Wolves would only have to give up Ellington and maybe a second rounder to get him.  Miles is only 24 years old.

Richardson is in his 11th NBA season, is 31 years old, and has started all 31 games he has played in for Orlando this season.  He is averaging 12.2 points per game - a career low mark for J-Rich - and he is shooting 42% from the field (third worst of his career), 38.9% from 3.  He averages 3.3 rebounds per game (career low), and 2.0 assists.  He's also shooting a career low 55.4% from the line this year.  To cut him some slack, he is only playing 29 minutes a game this year, which is about 5 minutes less than his career average.  Richardson is solid, but aging, defensively, and has good size for a 2-guard at 6'6", 220.

I would be pretty indifferent to the Ellington/Miles-Tinsley deal, but I can't decide how excited I would be for the Beasley/Richardson deal.  To me, a 23 year old Michael Beasley who could be easily re-signed for about 8M next season, is still better than a 31 year old Jason Richardson, who is locked in at around 6M for the next three years after this season.  Would Richardson be a better fit for what we need down the stretch in order to make the playoffs?  Probably, although I do like Beasley's ability to single-handedly win games for the Wolves with his scoring outbursts.  Does Richardson make sense beyond this season and maybe next?  I don't think it would be a good idea to take on his contract for the next three years, when he is already on the decline.

As mentioned by Lycan over at Canis Hoopus, I would be more inclined to deal involving JJ Redick from Orlando.  Redick better fills the Wolves need for a shooter (45.6% from 3, 11.5 PPG in 26 minutes).  Even though he wouldn't necessarily be an upgrade defensively, he does have more length at the 2 (6'6") than Ridnour has and they've survived defensively thus far.  Redick's PER (player efficiency rating) is 15.9 this year - higher than Richardson (14.2), Ridnour (13.0), Beasley (13.9), Barea (13.5), Ellington (9.1), and Webster (10.6).

No matter what happens, I'm still in the "find a way to get Eric Gordon in here" camp.  I would accept a guy like Redick though!  After this news, the Magic may be even more interested in shaking things up in Orlando.

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