March 7, 2012

Jamal Crawford... No thanks

I heard today that the Timberwolves are making a run at acquiring Portland guard Jamal Crawford - has more here. Oh and what do you know? We get a firsthand look at Crawford tonight. Although with all due respect to Crawford, a pro basketball player who hits jump shots at clutch times in front of thousands of opposing fans, he's not playing very well tonight.

We as Wolves rubes have been pining for a wing player who is a threat to score at any time (I'm still holding out hope for Michael Beasley to grow up, but so is everybody in the world). And here, a team is saying to us, "Here, have our 2-guard that can score. We know you need one, and we got one. Now give us Pek.." Well Portland, we appreciate your concern; however, at 20-19, we are starting to get greedy. We don't need your Jamal Crawford! Actually, we don't really want him.

Jamal Crawford has a higher ceiling than any wing player we have on the roster. He is a legitimate and proven NBA scorer. He is no stranger to Sportscenter because the guy can score the basketball.... sometimes. I said Crawford has a high ceiling. But he likes to spend time in the basement as well. There is a reason he has started only %50 of games in his career. There is a reason Portland is his 5th NBA team he has played for (Chicago, New York, Golden State, Atlanta, & Portland). What that reason is, I don't really know. Can I say he doesn't have it? No? Ok. But he still is missing something. And he's not about to find that something in the shadow of Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams. Also, the guy is less than a month from being 32 years old.

Even before watching tonight's game got me emotionally charged about Wesley Johnson being a living, breathing NBA player, or Luke Ridnour being a semi-consistent veteran presence on a young team, or even holding out hope for sparks from Webster and Beasley. Yes, I can honestly say that before all this, I didn't want Crawford. It may be overly Rube-like to say that we have the chips that require more in return than Jamal Crawford, but we don't have to make a trade just because we are legitimate playoff contenders. Unless of course, as I continue to dream for, we get Eric Gordon... or Ray Allen.


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  2. Crawford with 3 of 13 tonight and 0-6 from 3 point land. Ridnour scored 22 points on 8-16 shooting. With JJ not being able to complete a game healthy, and his "dribble into the lane and pray" play lately and Rubios shooting woes, we need Ridnour as a point guard backup and a primary shooter. I haven't been the biggest Luke fan, but I agree with BAakre, we probably should not make this trade right now. I hope I am just not reacting to this one game to sway me though.