March 12, 2012

March Madness Challenge

What a rough weekend for the Timberwolves.  Rubio's done, we're back in 9th place, and we just lost to the New Orleans Hornets.  Luckily, the brackets were set last night for the NCAA Tournament.  Here at Wolves Rubes we want to have a little contest.  We've created a group through Yahoo Fantasy Sports where you can fill out a bracket for this year's tourney.  If you get the most picks correct out of 63 possible (play-in games aren't included), you get to write a guest post on this blog.  Or, if you want a better prize than the fame and fortune of writing for us, please leave your ideas in the comment section and they will be considered!

To enter, follow this link to the Wolves Rubes NCAA Tournament Challenge.

Then, click on "Join Group".

Group ID: 117009
Password: rickyrubio

Create a name for yourself and your bracket and fill everything out before Thursday morning!  Invite your friends, relatives, enemies, co-workers, and complete strangers to join in.  We sure will appreciate it.

Let the madness begin!

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  1. I think whoever wins should get to spend a night at the Aakre house playing you in NBA 2K12

  2. I think we could negotiate that into the prize - as long as I get to be the '95 Knicks.