April 6, 2012

Guest Post from Jimmy: the NCAA Tournament Genius

The following is a guest post from Jimmy, who destroyed the rest of us the the Wolves Rubes NCAA Tournament Challenge.  Congratulations Jimmy!  Check out his Vikings blog HERE.  You can also follow Jimmy on Twitter @submissioncp3.

Greetings WolvesRubes readers. I'd like to thank WolvesRubes for the opportunity to express a bit of my views on the current turmoil that is our Minnesota Timberwolves. Now we have ten games left. Three of which are against current sub-.500 teams, 4 games against bubble teams, with OKC, LAC and Indiana rounding out the top. So what does this all mean? That we need to beat those four bubble teams so that Utah can eek their way into the playoffs.

Let's hope this year's draft finds better results!
'What am I talking about?' you may be asking yourselves. The wolves are five games out with ten to play. The odds of making the playoffs the way we've been playing is abysmal. So what about the Jazz? You're a Wolves fan, why should you care if the Jazz make the playoffs? Well I'm here to inform that we are currently without a first round pick for the upcoming draft. A draft that was very appealing at the start of the season with so many kids staying for another year of college (Barnes, Sullinger, T-Jones) and now isn't as appealing as it was speculating all the guys staying and the one and dones this year. The point being that we don't have a 1st round pick as it was traded back in 2005 when we got Sam Cassell from the Clippers, but we could have one.

When we traded Al Jefferson to the Jazz we got Kosta Koufos and a first round draft pick. It was top-16 protected last year and this year is Top-14 protected. So as long as the Jazz make the playoffs we get their first round. Got it? 

Also this tid-bit of information came across my desk last night. The Wolves haven't won a game in April since April 8th, 2009 when we defeated the Golden State Warriors 105-97. We have a few more opportunities with the shortened season going deeper into April.

Speaking of the shortened season and one last thought. I have enjoyed immensely the turn around the Wolves have made. The playoffs would have been nice but winning more games than we had last season with 16 less games is awesome.

If you're a Vikings fan you can check out my Vikings blog mybloodrunspurple.blogspot.com. Again I'd like to thank WolvesRubes for the time and the plug and you kind readers for milling over my thoughts. I'm sure you'll find yourself cheering for Al Jefferson once again (at least for a short time.)

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  1. Also you can follow the blog @BloodrunPurple and when are we playing 2k12? altho i'd prefer a real game with the Aakres.