February 17, 2012

Who Loves the Timberwolves?

We love the Timberwolves.  That's why we will be taking our blogging skills to the internet.

Wolves Rubes is coming to you from the same people that brought you Twins Rubes.  We're brothers and we've actually been alive long enough to see the very beginning of the franchise (unlike the Twins).  This morning we decided it would be fun to expand our blogging into the NBA world.  We don't do it for the glory, the cash, or the nice cars.  We do it because we love the Minnesota Timberwolves - and it gives us a medium to vent about the no-call when Lebron wins the game against us.

You can "follow" us on Twitter @wolvesrubes, and you can also subscribe via email on the right hand side of this page.  I would encourage you to tell your friends, enemies, family members, and pets about us; we really want this to be as interactive and fan-based as possible.  Our hope is that Wolves Rubes can be a place you can turn to when times our good, and a place where you can climb out of the hole after a 4 game losing streak and be encouraged by some positivity.



  1. we love sports and we don't care who knows! From the vikes and twins to the TIMBERWOLVES!

  2. And you gotta love those Gophers over the Sioux and Bison! Go Gophers!

  3. I knew your sports wisdom could not be contained by one sport, good to see this up and going, I will be reading!

    1. Ahh, now we know what gjensrud does on his days off from school! Training his mind...